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“...impressive sovereignty...with a masterly virtuosity
and intimate well as innovative ideas”

(PIANONews 3-2019)


New World Premiere

Sef Albertz is composing a new work for solo piano (ca. 15 min.),
which Anna-Maria Maak will premiere in the second half of 2020.
The project is supported and financed by the Kulturstiftung der Freistaat Sachsen (The Free State of Saxony's cultural foundation).

Beethovens Geist
(Recital postponed
due to COVID-19)

Anna-Maria Maak will be presenting on April 23 (2020) at Händel-Haus in Halle (Saale) her new recital 'Beethovens Geist', which includes the exclusive performance of Krzysztof Penderecki's first solo piano music (premiered by her at the beginning of 2019) as well as 'Ludwig and the Allegories of the Sea' by Sef Albertz, a new composition to commemorate Beethoven's 250th anniversary.


Competition Jury
due to COVID-19)

From March 20 to 22, Anna-Maria Maak will be jury member of 'Jugend musiziert'. This is the most important German competition for children and adolescents, which involves some of the most talented
young musicians of Germany.
Anna-Maria: "I am really looking forward to this responsable task"

in completely sold-out concert 

Alongside a sublime performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto KV 466, Anna-Maria Maak played the solo part in the new orchestral composition by Sef Albertz 'The World through Emilia's Dreams
with the Kammerphilharmonie der Universität Stuttgart, which commisioned the work.
What an enthusiastic response from the Stuttgart audience!


"GEMEINSAM GROßES SCHAFFEN" (Creating great things together)

2020 begins with a great four-page article in the prestigious magazine PIANONews about the artistic career of Anna-Maria and
her creative collaboration with composer Sef Albertz.
In addition, Anna-Maria's upcoming projects with Sef's music and
the world premiere recording of Penderecki's first solo piano music.
The magazine is available in Germany, Austria,
Luxembourg & Switzerland.



Accompanied by the Kammerphilharmonie der Universität Stuttgart, Anna-Maria will play the solo part in Sef Albertz's most recent orchestral work, which has been inspired by nature and
also by the other works that complete the concert program
(Mozart's Piano Concerto KV 466 and Beethoven's Third Symphony).
The composition was commissioned by the Kammerphilharmonie 
and was written for Anna-Maria.


On the Road

Anna-Maria Maak continues to present the repertoire of the album Resplendences around Bach: This time, including exclusively the performance of Krzysztof Penderecki's first solo piano music,
which she premiered worldwide in early 2019.
Also, she will be presenting new compositions by Sef Albertz
in advance to 'Beethoven Year' 2020.


Feb. 15, 2020 | Vaihingen (Stuttgart)
Mozart Piano Concerto N° 20 & New Concertante Work of Sef Albertz
Kammerphilharmonie der Universität Stuttgart

Jan. 19, 2020 | 14:00 | Galerie art Kapella (Schkeuditz)

Dec. 15, 2019 | 16:00 | House Concert in Schlachtensee (Berlin)
As part of 'Beethoven bei uns'

Dec. 14, 2019 | 17:00 | Lange Klaviere (Weimar)
with World Premiere of Sef Albertz as part of 'Beethoven bei uns'

Dec. 8, 2019 | 19:00 | Salle de Pologne (Leipzig)

Nov. 13 & 14, 2019 | 20:00 | Wein Galerie (Leipzig)

Oct. 8, 2019 | 19:30 | Villa Najork (Leipzig)
with World Premiere of Sef Albertz


Anna-Maria Maak was jury member of the 12th edition of “The Young Pianist" International Competition in Pristina (Kosovo) from 21st - 25th of june 2019.

Agron Shujaku (Manager of the Competition):

"We are pleased to announce that Anna-Maria Maak will be a jury member at the 12th edition of the 'Young Pianist' competition. A pianist from the city of Bach-Leipzig with a sensational career recently recognized with the premiere of the first solo piano work by greatest living composer Krzysztof Penderecki"



Anna-Maria Maak played successfully
3 World Premieres 
of Sef Albertz
at the 'Festival of Lights' with the
MDR Sinfonieorchester under Kristjan Järvi



(Extracts from
sold-out concert)
Anna-Maria Maak
playing the music of
Sef Albertz
with the
MDR Sinfonieorchester
under Kristjan Järvi



Resplendences around Bach
(ranked No. 1 on the German CHARTS:
iTunes & Soundcloud Classical).
With original & arranged music by Sef Albertz



Anna-Maria Maak premiered with sensational success
the first solo piano
composition of
Krzysztof Penderecki
'Aria, Ciaccona & Vivace'

"What a spectacular premiere of my Piano Concerto! [...]
She's a champion of the music from the Americas & Spain"

(Marlos Nobre | Brazilian Composer)

Anna-Maria Maak

© by M&A GbR

“...a concert of a special kind [...] very convincing […] the pianistic ability of the interpreter aroused total admiration”. In this way the critics praised one of the most recent recitals of Anna-Maria Maak, where she added a new milestone to her artistic career by playing the world premiere of Krzysztof Penderecki’s first solo piano work.

In keeping with the modernity of our time, Anna-Maria Maak is a versatile artist with a multifaceted cultural background. Although possessing impressive multilingual capabilities, “music is her mother tongue” as professional critics confirm again and again unanimously. And in that her native language, she is able to transmit very different musical expressions through the piano keys in a very natural and spontaneous way: “The expressive interpretation and virtuoso performance...intermingled so harmoniously”,
as the press testifies.

After her acclaimed success at the ‘MDR Festival of Lights’ in Leipzig, Anna-Maria Maak has released the production 'Resplendences around Bach' with world premiere recordings of the program presented in that occasion - a conceptual project conceived in conjunction with the Venezuelan-German composer Sef Albertz. The original works and adaptations conceived for the album have been exclusively written for and dedicated to the pianist:
a first idea of the deep and exciting collaboration,
unique to this artist couple.
The album has reached No. 1 in the CHARTS
iTunes and Soundcloud (Classical in Germany).

Her energetic and versatile spirit, her restlessness and artistic curiosity allow Anna-Maria Maak to have a multidimensional approach that inspires and allows her to discover new elements of musical interpretation and interaction with the public. The specialized critics certify “a careful interpretation up in the finest detail” (Diverdi Spain), not only of the great milestones of the pianistic repertoire but of exceptional new works and contemporary composers such as Luis de Pablo and Carlos Cruz de Castro from Spain or the Cuban Leo Brouwer. As an example of this, at the famous Gewandhaus in Leipzig, she performed the German premiere of 'Concertante do Imaginário' for piano and orchestra by the Brazilian Marlos Nobre. The eminent composer, himself an honored guest of the event,
declared euphorically after the concert:
"it has been a source of great satisfaction, naturally under the high level of musicianship and professionalism
demonstrated by the pianist Anna-Maria Maak...
a champion of the music from the Americas and Spain".

Her concert career has taken her to many different European cities, to major events such as the famous ‘Ruhr Piano Festival’ and to artistic partnerships with the MDR Symphony Orchestra and conductor Kristjan Järvi.

The multimedia concerts 'Piano of Light' and 'Infancia' among others, have been another deserved success in Anna-Maria Maak's career. In these events, music and piano come into constant connection with light, sound and video installations, resulting in “a clever dramaturgy...with a mature concept ... a new way of the piano recital” (LVZ).

Her musical and pianistic talent has been captured in record productions like 'INFANCIA' (Childhood) with music from Spain and Latin-America or the Cd 'HOMMAGE', which includes works by Bach, Mendelssohn and Schumann. But also an album like 'PLATERO UND ICH' not only shows her musical abilities but also Maak's histrionic skills as a narrator-actress. In recitals,
the artist offers this proposal in four different languages:
German, Spanish, Russian or English.

„...ein Konzert der besonderen Art [...] wobei das pianistische Können der Interpretin allgemeine Bewunderung erregte [...] sehr überzeugend“ -
auf diese Weise lobte die Presse eines der letzten Konzerte der Pianistin Anna-Maria Maak, bei der sie mit der Weltpremiere des ersten Solo-Klavierwerks des berühmten Komponisten Krzysztof Penderecki einen weiteren Meilenstein in ihrer künstlerischen Karriere setzte.

Entsprechend der Modernität unserer Zeit ist Anna-Maria Maak eine vielseitige Musikerin mit facettenreichem kulturellen Background. Trotz Ihrer beeindruckenden Mehrsprachigkeit ist aber „Musik - ihre Muttersprache“ heißt es aus der Fachwelt und in dieser Muttersprache vermag sie auf ganz natürliche Weise verschiedenartigste musikalische Ausdrucksformen auf die Tasten zu übertragen. „Das ausdrucksvolle und virtuose Spiel griffen so harmonisch ineinander“ bescheinigt ihr die Presse.

Anknüpfend an ihren umjubelten Erfolg beim 'MDR Festival of Lights' in Leipzig, folgte die Veröffentlichung Ihrer neuen CD-Produktion 'Resplendences around Bach' - ein gemeinsames konzeptuelles Projekt mit dem aus Venezuela stammenden Komponisten Sef Albertz. Die darin enthaltenen Werke und Adaptationen sind alle ausschließlich der Pianistin gewidmet und für das Album konzipiert - ein erster Einblick in die einzigartige tiefe und spannende Zusammenarbeit des Künstlerpaares.
Das Album erreichte Platz 1 der CHARTS
von iTunes und Soundcloud (Classical in Germany).

Ihr tatkräftiger vielseitiger Geist, ihre künstlerische Rastlosigkeit und Neugier ermöglichen Anna-Maria Maak eine mehrdimensionale Denkweise, die sie inspiriert und immer neue Elemente der musikalischen Interpretation und Interaktion mit dem Publikum entdecken lässt.
Die Fachkritik bescheinigt ihr “eine sorgfältige Interpretation bis in die feinsten Details” (Diverdi Spain) und das nicht nur bei den großen Meilensteine des Klavierrepertoires, sondern ebenso für außergewöhnliche neue Werke zeitgenössischer Komponisten wie Luis de Pablo und Carlos Cruz de Castro aus Spanien oder Leo Brouwer aus Kuba. Im Leipziger Gewandhaus spielte sie auch die deutsche Erstaufführung des 'Concertante do Imaginário' für Klavier und Orchester des Brasilianers Marlos Nobre. Der bedeutende Komponist, selbst als Ehrengast anwesend, erklärte daraufhin euphorisch:
“It has been a source of great satisfaction, naturally under the high level of musicianship and professionalism demonstrated by the pianist Anna-Maria Maak...a champion of the music from the Americas and Spain”.

Ihre Konzerttätigkeit führte sie bereits in viele verschiedene Städte Europas, zu großen Veranstaltungen wie dem Klavierfestival Rhein-Ruhr und zu künstlerischen Partnerschaften wie mit dem MDR Symphonieorchester und dem Dirigenten Kristjan Järvi.

Durch multimediale Aufführungen wie 'Piano of Light' oder 'Infancia' bei denen die Musik in eine konstante Verbindung mit Licht-, Klang- und Videoinstallationen tritt, erschafft Anna-Maria Maak “in geschickter einem ausgereiften Konzept...eine neue Art des Klavierabends” (LVZ).

Ihr pianistisches Können spiegelt sich in den CD-Produktionen 'INFANCIA' (Kindheit) mit Klaviermusik aus Spanien und Lateinamerika und 'HOMMAGE',
welches unter anderem Werke von Bach,
Mendelssohn und Schumann enthält.
Aber auch ein Album wie 'PLATERO UND ICH' lässt neben ihrem musikalischen Talent ebenso die schauspielerischen Fähigkeiten Maaks als Sprecherin und Erzählerin zum Vorschein treten. Dieses Programm kann die Künstlerin auf deutsch, spanisch, russisch oder englisch aufführen. 

“...un concierto muy especial [...] muy convincente […]
la habilidad pianística de la intérprete despertó la admiración total”.
De esta manera elogió la crítica uno de los más recientes recitales de Anna-Maria Maak, donde ella adicionó un nuevo hito a su carrera artística con el estreno mundial de la primera obra para piano solo del celebrado compositor Krzysztof Penderecki.

En correspondencia con la modernidad de nuestro tiempo, Anna-Maria Maak es una artista versátil con un trasfondo cultural multifacético. Aunque poseedora de unas impresionantes capacidades multilingüisticas, es “la música su lengua materna”, como lo confirman una y otra vez unánimemente la crítica profesional. Y en ese, su idioma nativo, ella es capaz de transmitir muy diferentes expresiones musicales a través de las teclas del piano, de una manera muy natural y espontánea: “La interpretación expresiva y la virtuosa ejecución...entremezcladas tan armoniosamente”, como atestigua la prensa.

Después de su aclamado éxito en el 'MDR Festival of Lights' en Leipzig, Anna-Maria Maak ha lanzado la producción 'Resplendences around Bach' con el estreno mundial discográfico de la propuesta de esa ocasión - un proyecto conceptual concebido en conjunto con el compositor venezolano-alemán Sef Albertz. Las obras originales y adaptaciones concebidas para el álbum están exclusivamente escritas y dedicadas a la pianista: un producto de la colaboración profunda y emocionante, única de esta pareja de artistas.
El albúm ha alcanzado N° 1 en los CHARTS
de iTunes y Soundcloud (Classical in Germany).

Su espíritu enérgico y versátil, su inquietud y curiosidad artística permiten a Anna-Maria Maak tener un enfoque multidimensional que le inspira y permite descubrir nuevos elementos de interpretación musical e interacción con el público. La crítica especializada da fe de “una interpretación musical exquisita, convincente y colorida” (Venezuela Sinfónica), no solamente de los grandes hitos del repertorio pianístico sino de excepcionales nuevas obras y autores contemporáneos como Luis de Pablo y Carlos Cruz de Castro de España o el cubano Leo Brouwer. Como muestra de ello, en la famosa Gewandhaus de Leipzig, ella realizó el estreno en Alemania del 'Concertante do Imaginário' para piano y orquesta del brasileño Marlos Nobre. El eminente compositor, él mismo un invitado de honor al evento, declaró eufóricamente tras el concierto: “Ha sido una fuente de gran satisfacción, naturalmente, dado el alto nivel de maestría musical y profesionalismo demostrados por la pianista Anna-Maria Maak...una campeona de la música de las Américas y España”.

Su carrera como concertista la ha llevado a muchas diferentes ciudades europeas, a eventos importantes como el famoso ‘Ruhr Piano Festival’, y a colaboraciones artísticas con agrupaciones como la Orquesta Sinfónica MDR
y el director Kristjan Järvi.

Concierto multimediales como 'Piano of Light' o 'Infancia', han sido otro merecido éxito en la carrera de Anna-Maria Maak. En estos eventos, la música entra en constante conexión con instalaciones de luz, sonido y video, dando como resultado “una hábil dramaturgia...con un concepto maduro...una nueva manera del recital de piano” (LVZ).

Su talento musical y pianístico ha sido capturado en producciones discográficas como 'INFANCIA', con música de España y América Latina o el Cd 'HOMMAGE', que incluye obras de Bach, Mendelssohn y Schumann, entre otros. Pero también un álbum como 'PLATERO UND ICH' no sólo muestra sus capacidades musicales sino también las habilidades histriónicas de Maak como narradora-actriz.
En recitales, la artista ofrece esta propuesta
en 4 diferentes idiomas: alemán, español, ruso o inglés. 

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"...the pianistic ability of the interpreter
aroused total admiration"

(G. Frackowiak | Newspaper 'Torgauer Zeitug')

"...'brilliant' piano music ... brilliantly played..."

(Prof. Volkmar Lehmann | Dir. Em. Institute for Piano, University of Music Weimar)



CD, LP & Streaming | 2018 
Pianist Anna-Maria Maak plays world premiere recordings
of original & arranged music by Sef Albertz. 

"...a fruitful collaboration between
pianist Anna-Maria Maak and composer Sef Albertz
...entirely committed to modernity...
with impressive sovereignty...masterly virtuosity
and intimate well as innovative ideas"

(Magazine PIANONews 3-2019)

" enrichment of contemporary piano music"
Prof. Volkmar Lehmann
(Dir. Em. Institute for Piano, University of Music Weimar)

„A great composer...a fantastic performer...a powerful work!”
(Kristjan Järvi, conductor)

„A dramaturgical [and] skillful connection to a fascinating musical world, an exquisite combination of progressive and traditional, jazz and funk, Mediterranean temperament and profundity“
(MDR Press)



'An Andalusian Elegie'

Anna-Maria Maak (Narration & Piano)
Sef Albertz (Guitar)
Texts: Juan Ramón Jiménez
Music: M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco


HOMMAGE (2013)

Double Album including
world premiere recordings.
Music by J. S. Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn & Sef Albertz

Anna-Maria Maak (Piano), Sef Albertz (Guitar) & Strings from
MDR Sinfonieorchester



A Double Album with
world premiere recordings of
Piano works by Sef Albertz.
Also including Ibero-American Piano Music by H. Villa-Lobos,
A. Estévez, F. Mompou, M. Moleiro,
X. Montsalvatge, F. Ruíz,
A. Roldán & Astor Piazzolla

"Music...her mother tongue"

(Prof. Gregor Weichert | University of Music Münster)


Anna-Maria Maak
c/o Florentyn Music
Littstr. 9 HH, 04103 Leipzig


José Hernández
Phone: +49 (0) 341 9 27 78 00

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